This privacy policy is intended to summarize how to collect users' personal information in this application.
If you provide us with personal information, we will according to the terms of this privacy for processing.

Collect your personal information
The information we collect only upload GPS devices, including but not limited to, the latitude and longitude, speed, altitude, direction, Angle and so on. This application will only be used for rendering GPS devices to upload data, we are not going to any of your personal information collected through this application.

Disclosure of your personal information
Unless otherwise specified in this statement, without your approval, we will not open your personal information to a third party, unless you authorize us to have such behavior.

To protect your personal information
We will take all reasonable practical essence, electronic, and administrative safeguards, to protect and maintain your personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, use and disclosure. In order to make sure that you transfer the security of the information, we recommend that you take all precautions when access to the Internet to protect your personal information. Often change the password, for example, write a password when using the combination of letters and Numbers, at the same time, make sure you are using the security of the browser.